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Recreational fishing in Estonia can be conditionally divided into three:
1. The fishing with one simple hand line is free of charge and allowed for everyone. The valid fishing rules should be followed. The simple hand line consists of the rod, fishing-line with the length of up to 1.5 of the rod, single hook with the fishing with which the natural feed is used and which might be equipped with weight and float.

2. The one who wants to use other fishing gear (e.g. more than one simple hand line, hand line, spinning rod, troll line, pulling device, fly hook, bottom line (bottom line, krunda), trimmer, herring hook, harpoon gun), should acquire the valid right for recreational fishing in Estonia. This can be made by Internet with payment order only in the environment, with mobile payment or in the information counter in Tallinn City Government. The fishing right is proven by the copy of payment order or the sales receipt issued while buying from retail network with the identity card or in case of mobile payment only identity card.

3. The fishing card is required in fishing with longline, entangling net, dragnet and hoopnet, also in catching of crayfish with dip-net and trap and in catching of salmonid fish (in salmon rivers and Järvamaa trout rivers) with spinning rod and fly hook and in fishing with underwater fishing gear on Saadjärve and Lake Kuremaa. The fishing cards are issued by the Environmental Board. Since 1 July 2011 the fishing card can be also acquired through the environment of
Information for the citizens of a foreign state
The foreign citizens can also pay for the fishing right, for that purpose the date of birth should be entered in the form of 0AAKKPP0000 – similar to the Estonian personal identification code, but only the date of birth is used, other properties are “0”- (zeros).

For example, if the date of birth is 29 June 1982, the personal identification code in the form of 08206290000 should be entered in case of the foreign citizen, where 82 denotes the year, 06 the month and 29 the date.

Additional information on the website of the Ministry of Environment